The Aeroccino Plus by Nespresso: Create the Best Tasting Lattes at Home

Lattes and cappuccinos are among life’s best simple pleasures. The aroma, flavor, and pleasant pick-me-up of these frothy drinks is a great way to start the morning or pull yourself out of a sluggish afternoon slump. Unfortunately, that run to the local espresso shop or coffee stand eats up your time and also a surprising amount of your money. Money spent on a daily coffee run can really add up, especially if you tend to over tip those cute baristas like I do! Clearly having your own espresso machine in your home and office is the answer, but the espresso drinks most of us enjoy require frothed milk. Unfortunately frothing your own milk for these drinks can be time consuming and tricky. Even if you pay careful attention, you can easily end up with a scalding mess that has not frothed properly and tastes bad. Automatic frothers seem like the obvious answer, but many brands are unreliable, and your milk ends up burning. It’s not like these things are easy to clean either. The annoyance of scrubbing scalded milk out of an appliance takes away all the pleasure you were hoping to get out of your drink in the first place! Luckily there is an ideal solution: the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus.

There are a lot of milk frothers out there, but Nespresso got this one right. Everything that was lacking in the original Aeroccino design has been modified to make the Plus a truly superior product. All you do is add milk, push a button, and walk away for rich, warm foam. No more worrying about steam burns as you babysit the process and hope it turns out okay. The milk is prepared perfectly, and the machine will shut itself off when it is done. You can also make cold milk foam: just hold the switch for a few seconds until the light turns blue instead of red. Two different whisks let you control the stiffness of the foam so you can be sure you are making the perfect foam for cappuccinos or lattes (the attachment you aren’t using is cleverly stored in the lid with a magnet, so it never gets lost.) Your friends will be impressed with the consistency and quality of the after dinner drinks you make for them. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to bring your Aeroccino Plus along the next time you are invited to their house!

The good news is that you can actually enjoy your beverage without having to worry about a labor intensive cleanup that could end up damaging your equipment. The Aeroccino Plus requires only a rinse and a swipe of a paper towel, and it’s ready to be used the next time.

Another wonderful feature is that the Aeroccino Plus is silent. You don’t have to worry about disturbing those around you with the wheezing, snorting cacophony of traditional frothers (waking everyone in the house, or causing heavy sleepers to dream of alien abduction by a monstrous mother ship).

The Aeroccino Plus is a great value: on one hand, its quality makes it a gift appropriate for even the most lavish weddings, on the other hand it is an appliance that will pay for itself in a month of not going out for those expensive coffees.